Rachaita Creative solutions, was established in 1999 and since the inception it has been catering to architectural and artistic needs which are both static and kinetic in nature. Although being from a non-architectural /artistic background, we at Rachaita have always strived to think alike artists and architects and help them enhance their creations to the optimum ways possible. We are fanatics about quality control, and believe that the best value to the client is a job that is done right. We help accomplish the tedious tasks of converting ideas on paper to physical constructs of reality.


Manish Maheshwari



Piyush Maheshwari



Our team of  welders, metal workers, machinists, mechanics, and a  workshop sprawling in 20000 Sq. Ft. area have translated dreams into reality. We have the people, the tools, and the experience to make your idea a plan, your plan a project, and your project a reality. By bringing RCS early-on in the job, we help you save time, reduce cost, and improve the quality of the total project. Rachaita creative solutions diversified recently into an art initiative named

“SITE art space” with an intention to showcase experimental art from various discourses like visual , culinary and performances.